Highlands Ranch, CO

My fitness journey began roughly 33 years ago, right after welcoming my first child into the world. Like many women, I experimented with various exercises, hoping to discover a passion and drive for fitness. Subsequently, I became a mother to five more children, and life became a whirlwind, with fitness feeling like an arduous task on my endless "to-do" list. I eventually accepted the reality that, at that point in my life, my workouts had to be done at home. With almost always an infant, sleeping baby, or toddler around, I needed a solution to maintain my fitness, body health, and sanity.

To adapt, I invested in home DVDs, crafting workouts in 20 or 30-minute increments. These sessions included weights, jump ropes, and bands. Over time, I expanded my home gym with a treadmill, weight bench, and a barbell. Dedication to these quick, incremental workouts in the morning led me to achieve the best shape of my life. As my children grew, my passion transitioned from home to the gym. They understood my commitment, and today, all four of them lead healthy lives, married with kids of their own.

At 55 years old, I recently competed in my first bikini bodybuilding competition. This lifestyle has been my mantra—always telling myself, "Make it work, mama." You can find a decade's worth of home workouts on my Instagram, @fitmamaof6, showcasing routines that require minimal equipment and can be done at home, on vacation, or in small spaces. Whether you're a busy mom or navigating limited space, this mama has your back.