Christopher McDonald

Dallas, TX

"What drove me too start working out was I used to be 260-270 lbs and I just got tired of being overweight plus having high blood pressure, I was told thats not a good combination to have! So in 2009 I started but soon to fall off in very short time. It only lasted for about a year. I stopped and decided I was gonna make this part of my lifestyle.

So in Dec 2014 I started and never looked back. To go from 3XL to now a large is definitely a great feeling and accomplishment! Weighing now a solid 220 lbs feels so great and back then I couldn't run on a treadmill, to save my life now I can easily run 2 to 3 miles everyday. Everyday it still gets harder and harder but I stick with it 4 to 6 days a week and I work a full-time job 10-12 hours shifts. I am definitely still a work in progress especially with the dieting part or just eating sensible.

I tell anyone who is thinking about making that change there will be a lot of obstacles and temptation, but find a way to push through one day at a time.
There will be mornings or evenings that you are just not feeling it that day. Just dig deep and push through it, and tell yourself this is your lifestyle not a new years resolutions! Choose what you want out of it, and do not compare yourself to others on the internet! You are your own person, and my motto I go by is I don't care what the scale saids! If I feel comfortable in the clothes I'm wearing then I'm good!"

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