Portland, OR

I was a high level athlete in high school until I had an injury that ended my hopes of playing football at a high level for years to come. So, I enlisted in the military to serve my country and became all I could be. Once done there, I tried my hands at motocross and was in a pretty bad accident. As a result, I gained A LOT of weight, topping out at 285lbs on my 5'9" body frame.

One day I woke up and decided I didn't want to die young, so I went cold turkey and busted my rear to lose that weight. Unfortunately, I did it in all wrong ways by under eating and over training. Shortly after my child was born, I was back up to 225lbs from the 155lbs I bottomed out at.

During Christmas of 2011 I took my child to the Polar Express and we took a picture together. That picture was a rude awakening that I was on the wrong path and would lead my child there as well.

I decided to make wholesale change to my life and do thing the right way by eating enough and not over training. I've been on this current path for over 10 years now and I'm continuing to find ways to improve and stay fit while I start to creep up on age! While I may be 44 years old, I'm defying age and still performing at a high level. The best part is, I've become a great role model for my child and I'm setting rhythm up up live a long healthy life! I currently sit at 175lbs with 12% body fat.