Bedfordshire, UK

From a cardio queen to a bikini model, and now a functional fitness fanatic, my journey in the gym has seen it all. Like many girls, I started in the cardio room, sweating it out on cross trainers, treadmills, and the dreaded stairmaster. Back then, I was just driven by the desire for change.

Before lockdown, I navigated the gym on my own, learning through trial and error, seeking guidance from YouTube, and eventually making my way into the weights room. Exercise became ingrained in me, and when lockdown hit, impacting mental health across the board, I turned to a friend to craft bodyweight workouts for home. The family garage became my lifting haven, and running became more than just a hobby—it was a way to stay active and explore the outdoors.

Over the years, I prepped for a bodybuilding-style modeling competition, clinching 1st place as Ms. Model at Miami Pro Universe in October 2021. The journey wasn't without its challenges; I battled disordered eating, swinging from abstaining to overconsumption, developing unhealthy habits and food intolerances. But I didn't stop there; I delved into the reasons behind intolerances, understanding the microbiome, healing my gut, and reversing the symptoms.

Fast forward to rediscovering my love for running, engaging in functional training, and competing in DEKA Mile in summer 2023 and my first Hyrox event in November 2023. And as I set my sights on 2024, my goals are clear—beat my Hyrox time, get faster, and get stronger.

My mission is simple: inspire those who doubt their capabilities to realize their true potential. The journey is ongoing, and there's much more to come. Watch out for the goals I'm putting in place for 2024—it's about to get faster, stronger, and even more inspiring!