Atkinson, NH

I was always into sports since I was a young kid. My parents split when I was 8, and I used sports and bodybuilding as my outlet. I always admired the creation and the art of it all. At 12 years old, I saw my first FLEX Magazine, and I was hooked. Something about a physique like that just drew me in. Even at that young age, I knew that the physique was once merely a vision. But over time, with precision, hard work, dedication, and consistency, it became a reality.

During my teens, my mom was in and out of abusive relationships, and I struggled to process my emotions. My junior year of high school, my best friend got killed in a car accident a week before her 17th birthday. This was when OxyContin addiction was running rampant through the country. Most of my friends were into it, but I never had an interest. I had addicts and alcoholics throughout my entire family, so I knew the result of participating in those kinds of habits.

Halfway through my senior year, I had surgery on my shoulder to repair a torn labrum. I was prescribed painkillers. They were mostly Tylenol, but I enjoyed the feeling they gave me. Once my prescription ran out, I had no desire to use them.

I was in a toxic relationship during these two years. The friend who got killed was a mutual friend of mine and my girlfriend, and often played mediator in our relationship. The relationship took a turn for the worst after her passing. One night, she and I got into an argument while I was staying at a friend's house. He had OxyContin. He offered me some, and for whatever reason, this time I accepted. I went completely numb—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This was the solution I had been looking for.

This eventually progressed and turned into a decade-long IV drug addiction. At the worst of my worst, I was homeless, shooting heroin and coke into my veins alone under bridges. My life was a cycle of rehab, jail, and prison.

Upon finding my sobriety, I was able to clear all the wreckage of my past. I was introduced to service work, helping others in their own journey of gaining sobriety. My last stay in rehab is where I reignited my fire for fitness.

Fast forward six years, and I am now an online coach, helping others achieve their own transformation of mind, body, and soul. Fitness plays a crucial role not only in the program but also in my life. In order to succeed in life, we need habits that build us. We need certain traits—consistency, hard work, discipline, delayed gratification, just to name a few. We need to learn to master everything that is under our control and accept everything that is not. The best way to start is through diet and training. You are in control of what you eat, and you are in control of your actions.

Fitness (personal development) is the ultimate form of self-love. It is proving your gratitude through action. Your physique is directly tied to your mental health. It’s your walking resume. It showcases your level of self-worth, self-respect, and self-discipline. Committing to becoming the best version of yourself is where it starts. Remaining committed to the daily tasks necessary to achieve the desired outcome raises your self-worth and self-confidence unlike anything else. It’s the ultimate cheat code.

Personally, it always resorts back to the feeling—the earned high-frequency state you get by working out. Everything is earned. It’s more about the mind than the body. But here’s the thing: some people went for the body but stayed for the mind. Others went for the mind, and their body followed. Then there are those who say they go for the mind, but their body never got the message. Success needs to be across the board. If you go for the mind, and your body doesn’t reflect the time, hard work, and consistency you put into the gym and your lifestyle, then you are leaving an enormous amount of mental fortitude on the table. Anyone who is okay with spending that much time and effort on fitness to not have physical results isn’t getting the mental benefits they think they are.

My mission is simple: to continue creating the man I admire in all ways and give that man to the world. I follow a calling today that demands I share my experiences with others so they too can have their own total transformation and finally live the life they were meant to.

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