Cris Charbonney 

Geneva, Switzerland

Former athlete, I was a member of the Swiss National Team of Synchronized Swimming before falling in love with fitness and everything related to wellness and health.

In 2013, after having spent almost 18 years of my life in synchronized swimming, I decided to retire and started to train in a gym to make sure I did not gain weight!
I started with some cardio but I can say this was only the beginning of a long love story...
And since then I’ve never stopped!

Within 3 years, I spent my time to study and got certified as personal trainer and also as licensed and certified fitness instructor in several very reputable fitness programs such as Piloxing SSP® (Elite Instructor), Piloxing Knockout®, Piloxing Barre®, TheMix by Piloxing®, Piloxing BootyBuilder®, STRONG Nation™ and DeepWORK®.

Still today, I teach fitness classes of all the above mentioned programs as well as cardio training, HIIT, abs workout, booty training, leg training, upper body training and any training that people may need.
I share a studio with my friend and I just love it so much!

In 2017, I discovered weight lifting and body building and I just fell in love with the process!

End of 2019, I decided to challenge myself with a body transformation after coming out of an emotionally and mentally very bad relationship as I wanted to convince myself that I was able to do it.
The idea behind this was mainly to get confidence and trust myself.

I must say that I’ve always been impressed by people who are very strong and fit, especially those who are competing because I know and understand the hard work behind the scene, being myself a former athlete!
So I decided to prove to myself that I was a fighter or more a warrior, able to achieve miraculous things, both physically and mentally.

Since September 2020, I work with a personal trainer who’s here to guide me, help me and support me during this long fitness journey... And the most important my coach is the person who believes in me!

We have our first bikini competition scheduled in August 2021 and I hope to be ready and most important to have reached my personal goals in terms of body building and shape!

Everyday I try to share my fitness journey because I strongly believe that motivation is the key in any process or change. And as a trainer myself I like to inspire people, motivate them and help them to feel good and confident.

That kind of fitness journey is not only about being physically fit, it’s more about pushing my limits and conquer my goals step by step, a day after another.

I really hope being able to help people to understand that with determination, dedication and patience, everything is possible.

Always believe in yourself!

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