Roswell, NM

50 years old is just the beginning.

I began consistently lifting in 2020 during the pandemic. Lifting changed my life.

Let me shoe you my circumstances.

I had a homebirth with my last baby at 45 in 2017. We relocated for my husband's law enforcement career across the country just two years after that. Right before the pandemic shut down the world. Can you say stress weight??
Prior to the pandemic, I held credentials in water fitness, but those were dead in the water. Pools were closed. My art that was finally getting noticed was dead. Art galleries were closed.

My career in the art industry disappeared, depression set in.

My home gym was my answer to getting on top of my mental well being and those pesky 20 lbs. around the midsection thanks to my age and hormones. I said yes to not only helping myself but to helping others by sharing my journey. That had a ripple affect. I slowly built a virtual training center and business I am in charge of fully! I choose my hours, I choose who I surround myself with. I choose my family time and work when I want to. BOOM -can you feel my electric charge?!

Lifting changed my path, my life.

In 2022, I finished in the Top 1% in a top fitness magazine cover contest!

I help others focus on nutrition and mindset along with moving their bodies their way and I have evolved into a health esteem partner, NASM virtual coach specialist. I help people bust out of their limiting belief mindset as a business and lifestyle mentor.
I am also a busy mom of four daughters ranging from 25 to 6! I strive to be better than I was the day before FOR THEM.

I regularly workout in virtual workout rooms across the nation and in Canada, France and the UK, inspiring others who also say 50 is just the beginning! I want to help other live a better quality of life through movement. I am a big part of my dad's congestive heart failure journey seven years now. I love being a part of other's journey and watching them empower themselves, doing things they believed were unattainable.

I am also an International fitness and fashion model, at 50. No prior experience. Just me saying, "I'm going to do that." and the offers began rolling in and I didn't get in my own way of success. My face, was in New York City's Time Square, at 50.
I am a volunteer for domestic violence and stalking organizations. I am a stalking survivor who shares her story of an intimate partner stalking so others may live like I did. I visit safe houses and relay the steps you must follow to keep yourself safe in certain situations.

I volunteer for Veteran organizations in the form of free graphics content and influencing.

In 2022, I represented the Jared Allen Foundation Homes for Wounded Warriors and helped raise over $100k!

I also have teamed up with women in Pakistan, as a voice of hope and equality in their lives, thanks to social media. I have been in women empowered commercials in their demographic, encouraging self love, self care.

50, is just the beginning. And I was my daughters to grow up in a world of ageless, limiteless possibilities.