San Diego, CA

Feeling like shit sucks.

Six years ago, I found myself in the depths of profound depression. Carrying an extra 30 pounds, laden with insecurities, doubts, and fears, I questioned whether I would ever shed the weight. Was I destined to be trapped in this body indefinitely? The feelings were overwhelming—I felt terrible, disgusting, unattractive, and worst of all, I had absolutely zero confidence. Beyond the exterior struggles, my internal state mirrored the chaos. I was chronically exhausted, depressed, and saddened by how far I had deviated from my true self. Simple tasks, like climbing a flight of stairs, left me breathless. My blood pressure soared, and my unhealthy eating habits led to a host of gut issues and internal health problems.

My most significant challenge was not knowing where to begin. I attempted EVERYTHING, and when immediate results failed to materialize, I'd lose hope, succumb to discouragement, and give up.

Have you ever felt super motivated to embark on a new workout and diet plan, only to abandon it after a week? The familiar pattern: "Well, I already messed up my diet, so it doesn't even matter anymore." That was me! Starting over became a frequent ritual, but let me tell you, it's far more challenging to face the mirror daily and still not like what you see.

My message to you all is simple—love yourself. If you're clueless about where to start, seek help. When you fully commit to something, as cliché as it sounds, anything is possible!

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