Burlington, WI

I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and OCD for the entirety of my life, which definitely contributed to my obesity. Once I found the right therapist and the right medication, I started to feel better and was better equipped to manage my symptoms. The weight started coming off - because I felt well enough to get up and do things! I first joined in group fitness classes and yoga because at that time I knew that if I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t be as likely to exercise. By doing that, I met a lot of new people that became good friends, and the weight kept coming off. After a year of group fitness and starting a new job that limited my time for it, I joined Planet Fitness and started weight training. I really enjoy it! I have lost 125 pounds so far through exercise and am still on my journey.

Working out and bringing fitness in my life has helped me overcome many health issues I had previously (high blood sugar, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.,) and has put me in the best health I’ve ever been. Exercising and putting a focus on my physical health and well-being has also helped me overcome a myriad of insecurities. I have realized that I can do hard things. I am capable and strong. I am worth the effort and time and investment.

Physical fitness was not my initial goal, in fact I didn’t really care about it until after my mental health improved. Now I realize how the impacts of both have shaped my life and how both are equally important. My only goal is to be mentally and physically healthy and fit so that I can live a long, fulfilling, and happy life, and maintain my independence as I age.