Danny Lee  

Atlanta, GA

"I worked out in the army, met my ex wife and she was very negative towards my fitness lifestyle. Once that ended I got back to myself and started focusing on myself again. Ever since I found myself I’ve been happier and having more of a positive attitude towards the future. I’ve growing both physically and mentally. I hope to inspire more people to achieve their fitness goals and let them know it is not impossible to achieve. I got into bodybuilding for myself and have continued on to keep myself accountable.

Even with no show in sight at the moment I am continuously improving every day to fix weak points and once I feel I am ready I will step on stage again. In the mean time I am here to provide positive vibes to those competing and those who are planning to compete the bodybuilding community is a very supportive community. I am very fortunate to be a part of this community. The relationships you build with people is amazing so many people will do what they can to help you and introduce to as many people as they can.

I am currently a personal trainer helping my clients realize they are compatible of so much and they can achieve what they want they just need to work for it and never give up. Consistency and hard work are key to achieving these goals. I also instill positive mental health as the mind is a very powerful thing."

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