Nanaimo, BC

I've battled with depression, weight gain, and self-image issues for much of my life. The gym became my sanctuary, where I could measure worth against my effort applied. I've trudged uphill over the years with varying approaches and levels of consistency. Following bad advice, regressing, giving up at times, but I've always come back stronger.

During 2020 my depression took me to a significant amount of weight gain. I’d turned to sources of temporary pleasure to self soothe. In 2021 I looked in the mirror and saw my staggering 215 lbs self. No more.

So I reinvented myself. The first stage of my metamorphosis was to escape obesity. Bodybuilding hadn’t occurred to me yet. I made simple dietary changes and a renewed commitment to increased activity.

By late 2022 after maintaining a weight of 185 lbs, I began to pursue bodybuilding. I had doubts and fears of loose skin and gynocomastia. But I decided, I wouldn't use them as an excuse to avoid action. If they became a problem, I would find a solution.

I started posting on Instagram hoping to inspire others struggling with similar issues to take action towards their goals.

I applied myself diligently, tracking my calories and jealously attacking my workouts. I poured all my thoughts into my goal. Since then, I’ve achieved massive strides in body recomposition, now weighing 162 lbs. I’ve developed an unwavering resolve and self-determination. My amateur bodybuilding career debuts in the spring of 2024 and nothing will stand in my way.