Diego Quevedo 

Sydney, Australia

"The push to begin to develop muscle came at a younger age in high school. I was bullied alot for my height and I was always a little overweight.

I started roughly to train when I was 18, I trained with some dedication for two years but I never really took dieting seriously. I wasn't careful and I injured my rotator cuff while exercising. This took a serious dent into my training, I couldn't lift anything for 4 years. This made me put on weight, got really unfit and depressed.

2018 I decided to see if a specialist could help. I was operated early in the year, after 6 months of rehabilitation and strengthening I began to push myself researching ways to exercise safely. The different exercise techniques helped protect my shoulders and make them stronger to perform better overall.

For two years I have been training religiously 5 days a week with the goal to be the best version of me. Along the way I helped others train better and safer to achieve their goals. I became so invested in training and helping others that in the past month I added a strict nutrition to my program.

This was just the change I needed, now I see that potentially next year I can compete. Once I complete a competition I will share my knowledge with anyone willing to dedicate themselves to a healthier life. I will become a PT and a coach. I still love to help anyone willing as I know that I have broken through my obstacles and came out stronger. If I can do it, anyone can."

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