Evanston, IL

I hail from the quaint backwoods town of Delaware, where my journey began amidst challenges. Born with a severe heart murmur, talk of surgery loomed, yet my mom stood firm against it. A pivotal moment came when a Marine neighbor challenged me to run around the block, sparking a belief in my ability to surpass limitations. Inspired by my brother, I delved into sports like basketball and football, finding solace and strength.

Navigating my teens brought its share of trials, from legal entanglements to early parenthood. Despite the hurdles, a glimmer of hope emerged when I clinched first place in a 5k race, clocking in at 18:35. Amidst divorce and career setbacks, I embarked on a transformative journey. Renouncing unhealthy habits, I immersed myself in fitness, transitioning from drinking and smoking to lifting weights and bodybuilding.

Becoming a certified personal trainer marked a turning point, propelling me towards professional success as a natural bodybuilder. Representing the USA in China alongside a team of athletes was a crowning achievement. From founding my own gym to relocating and opening another in Chicago, my dedication to fitness remained unwavering. Now, as a husband and gym owner at "Get Fit Methods / Fit Life Blueprint," I focus on empowering individuals, particularly women and men over 40.

Driven by my late mother's memory, I'm dedicated to supporting women through our forthcoming app, honoring their unique challenges and needs. "Less is more" is not just a motto but a guiding principle, shaping our 30-minute small group sessions designed for maximum impact. Through our online community, we strive to provide resources and support for 40-plus moms, allowing them to prioritize self-care while juggling familial responsibilities.

As a father and grandfather, family remains at the core of my endeavors. Traveling and experiencing new adventures with loved ones enriches our lives, underscoring the importance of balance and fulfillment in all aspects of wellness.

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