Las Vegas, NV

I have been actively training for 11yrs, 7yrs of which was with the U.S Army. After fulfilling my service. I continued personal growth and development pushing forward and paving the way to self-greatness. Merely 11yrs ago I was the skinny kid, even late teens- early 20s, I was just a whopping 165 lbs-65kgs.

Now that I am sitting here today, nearly 200 pounds at the age of 31. I can say I have accomplished a lot of life goals and continuing to reach and push myself to the next set of goals. The Army has taught me, to be Resilient, Goal oriented, Action, Determined, Focused, Empowered, Bold, Committed, and a Conqueror of oneself. All these positive affirmations helped me along the way to achieve strength, power, skills, and learning to adapt and overcome to any situation. Not only, was there 0630 formation, right after we would start with our stretching, then start with our daily physical training. It would consist of Monday 8+km run (metrics in the Army is used) Tuesdays push-ups, sit-ups, air squats and sprits. Wednesdays ruck marches 30kgs 8 to 12km, Thursdays would consist of combative, and Fridays would be a battalion or brigade run.

In today’s fitness it consists of weightlifting and calisthenics. If, you are seeking to lose weight, to gain muscles, to be healthy, to drive on, then stick with your plan of ACTION and you will see results. Giving up is Never an option! So go out there and smash your goals!