Donna Walton 

London, UK

My fitness journey started 10 years ago and it is no longer a journey for me, it has become a part of my daily life.
I was always a naturally slim person and never felt the need to train.

That all changed after I lost a job I loved, the birth of my daughter, and it’s not what you think.

The weight came with depression, my 6 year relationship came to an end after my daughter was diagnosed with autism. I slowly started getting depressed, which led to me drinking every night eating bad food and not leaving the house unless it was to put my daughter on the school bus.

Fast forward two years and I was heavier then I had ever been and miserable. I had no idea my body had changed so much till I saw a photo of myself and it shocked me to my core.

How has this happened?? Where has my confidence gone?? Who is this person I have become??
I didn’t recognise myself or the way my mind was thinking. I decided this is not who I am and I can not keep living like this.
That’s when I found pole fitness and I fell in love.

After being involved in the pole community for two years I realised this is me I need to teach this, I need to perform and compete. I joined a gym to help build up strength and to get me where I wanted to be quicker. After gaining confidence in the gym I decided I wanted to help more people on a one to one basis as I couldn’t give as much to people in classes as I’d like to.

I realised being around other women in the gym and pole classes that it was more their mindsets and not their bodies that needed the most help. I have a strong desire to help them with their mindset and help women see who they already are and how amazing we are in whatever shape we find ourselves in.

My own fitness is all about being strong, confident and an amazing pole athlete.

For my clients and followers I try to tell my story so that others who can relate to my story realise they can do whatever they want and be that woman they dream of being.

We can all do it no matter where you are starting from.