Charlotte, NC

Since my middle school days, I've been on a relentless journey, working hard and playing sports throughout my college years. However, as the years passed, I realized that while I couldn't compete in sports at the same level as in my youth, I could redirect my focus towards training and weightlifting. This decision eventually led me to the world of bodybuilding, and today, I proudly hold the title of IFBB Pro.

For me, fitness and training are not just physical endeavors; they serve as the fountain of youth, keeping me mentally sharp and physically agile. The synchronization of my body and mind through consistent training is a testament to the transformative power of this lifestyle. Passionate about sharing my knowledge, I find joy in offering guidance, suggestions, and advice to those seeking it. It's my way of paying forward the support I received on my journey.

Looking ahead, my fitness goals extend beyond personal achievements. I plan to continue competing at the professional level, identifying and improving upon areas of weakness. Additionally, I'm contemplating the idea of opening my own gym or joining a private fitness facility to further expand on the journey I fell in love with a few years back.

Recognizing the responsibility that comes with being a source of inspiration, I'm eager to pursue certification. As individuals frequently approach me on social media for guidance, I believe it's crucial to be formally certified, enabling me to coach, provide support, and uplift those striving to better themselves. This new chapter in my fitness journey, while challenging, promises to be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. From start to finish, my road is a personal one, driven by my passion for fitness and the desire to empower others on their own path to self-improvement.

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