Charlotte, NC

I have been working practically all my last since middle school while playing sports throughout college. As I got older lol decided that since I couldn't play sports as competitive in my younger years, I decided to focus on training and weightlifting. This in turn led me to bodybuilding which I am now an IFBB pro. Fitness and training for me keeps me young and sharp mentally and physically my body and mind are in sync because of it. I love providing guidance and suggestions and or advice when needed. Some one did it for me and now I simply return the favor. As far as my fitness goals are. I will continue to compete professionally, improve areas of weakness and really start looking at opening up a gym or work for a private gym to expand on my journey that I have began to love a few year back. I am also going to look into being certified since people always approach me or reach out to me via social media for suggestions and my opinion, I think it would only be fair to be completely certified and be able to help, coach, provide guidance and simply uplift individual who have their on goals and aspirations and in bettering themselves and to also align there mind and body and make it truly one. It will be difficult but yet interesting and exciting to start this new chapter in my fitness journey and beyond. My road starts with me and will end with me!!