Dwayne Patmore

Burleigh Waters, Queensland, Australia

"I had just turned 24, returned from
Bali off my honeymoon, and I had just had 2 kids.

I was weighing a merely 64kgs and had seen photos from my wedding and looked very thin. Most guys I grew up with looked heaps more masculine and larger bodies, and most had a gym membership and trained. Everyday since school I had a ritual of running around the soccer fields and just doing push ups to feel energetic.I decided it was time to put down the cardio and lift weights, join the gym and consume more quality calories.

My journey started at Jetts basic Gym until my second year and then moved onto a more commercialised Gym where other gym bodies motivated me. I have never had a personal trainer but have had friends along the way teach me movements that seemed to work and stick so I spent time researching and building my own routines.

For 5 years I spent training 6 hours sessions a week and always favoured abs training as I enjoyed having a flat toned stomach.

This year i have decided to finally compete after completing my very 3 and 4 in fitness and working as a PT, it feels like the next step towards setting goals, being more disciplined and seeing where my body can take me.

I’m 100% plant based vegan now, and have been for over 3 years. What a common misconception it is for those who’s brains rack when you tell them you are and the first question everyone
asks is “but where do you get your protein from?” I answer with “the same place your protein gets its protein from... plants!"

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