Upper Saddle River, NJ

I trained and completed my first triathlon at 47. The event was The Jersey Girl Tri, and a few friends and I decided to take on the challenge together. We had an absolute blast. There’s something uniquely exhilarating about training towards a fitness goal, and that experience set the tone for my future endeavors.

A few years later, my oldest daughter decided to join me for The Jersey Girl Tri. Sharing this experience with her was beyond amazing. Since then, she has become an avid runner. I like to believe that watching her mom train and achieve fitness goals while raising four kids and running a successful real estate business inspired my daughters to pursue their own fitness dreams. Both of my daughters completed the NYC Marathon in 2023, a testament to their dedication and perseverance.

In 2021, after about a decade of practicing yoga, I decided to deepen my practice by enrolling in Yoga Teacher Training. After eight months of intensive training, I became a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Sound Healer. I now offer free yoga sessions to family and friends in my backyard, which provides a serene and beautiful setting. The journey through yoga teacher training has been life-changing for me. I had wanted to deepen my practice for many years, but finding the time was always a challenge due to my busy work schedule. Once my kids were a little older and more self-sufficient, I committed to the training, and miraculously, the time found me.

Whole health and fitness is one of the five pillars in my life that are non-negotiable. I would love to see health and fitness become a priority for every mom, regardless of income or socioeconomic circumstances. While yoga in a studio may not be accessible to everyone, yoga and meditation are practices that anyone can embrace. As yogis, we study various aspects, including the chakras and energy centers foundational to everyone. Understanding how a weak foundation or trauma can impact every other aspect of life is crucial. Using yoga, meditation, and other accessible modalities can have a massive impact on improving lives.

In addition to yoga and triathlons, I am also a skier, golfer, and am currently learning pickleball. Recently, I biked through the countryside of France, an absolutely amazing experience. We rode through picturesque villages and farms, pedaling and sweating up hills that sometimes made me utter a few choice words, but I loved every minute of it.

I live by several mottos: "Every day I sweat is a good day," "I like to work for my food," and "There is nothing more satisfying than eating what you grow." Picking fresh herbs from the garden outside my kitchen is an exceptional experience for me, connecting me with the earth and the fruits of my labor.

Fitness has been a transformative force in my life. It has taught me resilience, dedication, and the importance of setting and achieving goals. I look forward to continuing this journey, pushing my limits, and inspiring others to embrace the power of health and fitness. Whether it’s through triathlons, yoga, or any other activity, the key is to keep moving, keep growing, and never stop striving for the best version of yourself.

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