Elaine Ryno 

Bangor, PA

"I’ve always been one to love working out, being active and being fit. Life happens and you get pulled in so many directions it’s easy to get distracted and fall behind on the things you once loved. It wasn’t until I had my second daughter and being diagnosed with Graves Disease when it hit me, I needed a major change. My anxiety was through the roof, I had no energy, my HR was always so high, I felt jittery most of the day. Any side effect from this auto immune I had. It took over a year to finally start feeling somewhat “better” I decided changes needed to be made.

I was always one who kept to myself and didn’t like feeling I was oversharing. I came into an amazing group of women who taught me that people need to hear my story. People have all kinds of challenges in life and they needed to hear mine to help them. As I began to come out of my shell, I knew pretty quickly I wanted to inspire and help others become the best versions of themselves by becoming a personal trainer and health coach.

Hands down working out, being more active and overall living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition has helped me grow into better woman. I’m now off my anxiety medicine and feeling so much better. Still growing my confidence every day! Yes, I have bad days but how doesn't, right? We need to allow ourselves to be down, feel the feelings we try to hide. You will bounce back that much stronger if you allow yourself to do this!

We make life so complicated, always thinking we need to put everyone else first. That’s our biggest mistake. Your first priority needs to be YOU! No one can live your life for you, you are the one to make it the best it can be. Everything else will fall into place once you prioritize yourself. Living life through fitness and nutrition can and will be the best change you can make!"

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