Syracuse, IN

I was around 21 years old when I started my fitness journey. I grew up Amish and left when I was 18 years old, the best thing to exercise we had was riding our bike and walk everywhere!

When I was growing up I was always one of those people walking past the gym and looking in with awe and just wishing I could go inside. But with my background I had zero knowledge when it came to anything fitness related and I mean literally zero. I had no idea where to start so I hired a PT and learned the basics from her, anytime she asked me if I knew how to do a certain exercise my answer was no.

I originally started working out to loose weight but as time went by I realized there is so much more to it then just loosing weight, I started to realize how much stronger I felt, the confidence I gained and just how much better I felt! My days are so much better if I start it off with a good workout!I

Remember those first couple times in the gym I was so lost and intimidated but don’t ever let that stop you from going. We all have our day one and the only way to learn is to start! It can be one day or day one! The decision is all yours!

I plan on continuing to learn and grow and try to inspire other people. Don’t ever let your excuses stop you from what might be the greatest thing you’ll ever do!