Upper Marlboro, MD

My fitness journey began during my middle school years and extended through mid-high school. Unlike many of my peers, I didn’t participate in school-sponsored extracurricular activities. Instead, I was drawn to combat sports like martial arts and karate. In my early adolescence, I took karate lessons, though at the time, I didn’t fully appreciate or remember much of the teachings. My parents were keen to find a physical activity I could be passionate about, recognizing that I spent too much time at home playing video games, disengaged from my peers and the real world.

My interest in combat sports led me to Tae Kwon Do, which I practiced from middle school until halfway through high school. These lessons were incredibly engaging and physically demanding. Through Tae Kwon Do, I learned basic strength training, discipline, technique, and combat skills. I also enjoyed the camaraderie and shared interests with my peers. However, by mid-high school, I stopped practicing Tae Kwon Do but didn’t want to abandon physical activity altogether. After graduating high school, I resolved to build more muscle and reinvent myself. I was insecure about my appearance and wanted to gain lean muscle mass while in college. I started with the weights and equipment my family had stored in the garage, focusing on bodyweight exercises before progressing to actual weights. I gradually improved my form, incorporating tips from YouTube influencers around 2014-2015. Eventually, I joined my college campus gym and later a local gym. Since 2018, I’ve been dedicated to lifting iron dumbbells and barbells.

My dedication to fitness was fueled by my love for shounen anime, where protagonists train hard to achieve extraordinary physiques. This imaginative but motivating narrative inspired me to push beyond my limits. Additionally, following my favorite fitness influencers provided inspiration and practical advice. Fitness has profoundly impacted my life, boosting my confidence and earning compliments from both men and women. I’ve even been asked for muscle-building advice and coaching opportunities. Beyond physical gains, fitness has enhanced my emotional intelligence. I’ve gained better control over my emotions, improved my organizational skills, and learned to balance work, business, and hobbies effectively. The discipline of strength training has also taught me to take calculated risks, a lesson from my trial-and-error experiences in the gym.

A few interesting things about me: I practice delayed gratification and prioritize investing in myself. I don’t adhere to strict diets, allowing myself to enjoy my favorite cravings regularly. I have a keen interest in history, the Bible, and intriguing conspiracy theories. I also enjoy watching anime and movies with intricate plot elements.

Looking ahead, my goals include maintaining my shredded physique year-round by strengthening my core and varying my training routine. I want to explore new hobbies and interests like kickboxing, swimming, yoga, and pool. I aim to secure modeling gigs to build my portfolio and grow my social media presence. My ambition is to build a successful online coaching business with a small to mid-size clientele, save enough money to buy a townhouse, and travel more, both domestically and internationally.

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