Evan Spradlin 

Versailles, Ky

"In middle school I was a rather chubby or how my parents would describe me as "husky" kid. I got picked on especially cause I was also pretty short which didn't help with my weight. Going into high school I stopped eating to the point where I got pretty skinny very fast along with running a lot.

With personal issues along with challenges to overcome I didn't exactly see what to do with myself. But a friend of mine suggested that u try working out so I gave it a try. Weights were new to me but I tried my best to learn properly. Ended up really enjoying the structure with it being very therapeutic which boosted my self confidence. I started eating more to do what all the bodybuilders did to bulk up. I was younger and didn't know any better so I just followed.

Throughout the years of lifting I eventually found what worked for me. I stopped comparing myself to others and focused on my own progress. The only thing I had to work on was myself, nobody was going to do it for me. People you see online can be very impressive but can also cause you to look in the mirror and be unhappy with yourself. I will admit I struggled with that from time to time. But sticking with the routine and eventually seeing gains allowed me to step out of my shadow. Feel more confident in myself, the way I felt, the way I performed, and how l looked. It isn't easy working on yourself and accepting what is and what isn't.

Life has many ups and downs which can cause you to step away for a while, and after you lose gains you don't see a point to start up again. But it's the internal discipline that drives me to keep doing what I'm doing. To work harder than last time, day after day trying to improve myself with a workout routine and a structured diet to follow.

I'm planning on becoming a trainer soon to help encourage other people to love the way they are. To work hard and giving nothing but the best into every day to know you are worth something. I hope to be the change in people's lives one day."

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