Vacaville, CA

I started working out in high school obviously to get girls, then after a street fight that resulted in a few felony’s I got into MMA. Weighing in at 145 had a few amateur fight along with a title fight. After over hearing my dad on the phone with my sister explaining that I’d never go anywhere with it, devastate I hung up the gloves. Following I got into powerlifting because of a friend. Later on competing and winning a few state and national records I gave that up as well thinking “I’ll never go anywhere with this”.
Few months later turned to drugs and followed that hole down to rock bottom with nothing to show for but a dead end job as a tree climber in a toxic relationship. My life was going no where fast. Fast forward a bit more I met my now fiancé. We had dated a bit in high school but broken up due to moving and being young but rekindled the relationship once I saw she moved back to town. I gave up the drugs and found something else to get addicted to, bodybuilding. Remembering my mom was once a competitive bodybuilder I figured I tried everything else why not give it a go,and fell in love. Bodybuilding completing flipped my life around, ‘ow weighing in at 220 i have a good career job a beautiful fiancé, a lovely house and soon to be dogs haha. My first show went absolutely awful I used dream tan which is just god awful golden goop my posing was terrible only thing that went good was I was pretty peeled. And finally fast forward to now after working with a friend who competed at the Olympia last year (shout out to Sabur Favors) on posing and along with 2 years off to put on more size I’m prepping for a national qualifier and shooting for that pro card this year or next. There’s no rushing it the goal is a pro physique not a pro card. And I don’t care how long it takes but I’ll get there this time now those words “he’ll never go anywhere with it” are just fuel to the love I have for this sport I was blessed to find.