Gemma Levy 

London, UK

"My story is not just about building muscle but also gaining weight. For too many years I was underweight and doing random exercises in the gym with no real plan. I was very slim and now I realize slightly malnourished. I neglected sleep and low prioritized nutrition which is a situation many people find themselves in.

Over the last 18 months I have dedicated myself to a personalised training plan to suit my goals and focused on increasing my calorie intake and getting a good nights sleep. The results have been incredible and I’m only just getting started! I’ve gone from struggling to lift even the barbell to comfortably lifting double. Physical changes like my energy levels, hair and nail growth and posture have all improved. Not to mention mentally, my low self esteem, anxiety and nervousness have all dramatically reduced.

I have completed my personal training qualification and love learning and understanding how the body works. I think it’s incredibly important to look after your body because as cheesy as it sounds it’s the only one you’ve got and you need it to experience all the wonders life has to offer. Years of sitting at desk made my shoulders roll forward and my hamstrings become tight. I love looking at my body now knowing I’m putting the work in to heal and grow it.

My BJJ black belt boyfriend introduced me to the serious gym life that may seem daunting at first but it’s addictive. The place where it’s accepted and encouraged to continually thrive for positive self improvement with only yourself as your competitor. To beat your previous time in your 5k, to get that pb in your squat or to achieve great technique in a new exercise. For me, I love building my strength and seeing how much heavier I can lift as the weeks go on.

My current goals are to squat 5RM 60kg, Deadlift 5RM 100kg and to do a pull up unassisted. Writing goals down help to keep you focused, makes you accountable and also others can follow your journey.

There’s a lot of information out there now so the best advice I can give is to find something you enjoy and stick to it because it is all about consistency."

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