Gurpreet Kalsi 

Ottawa, Canada

"All my life I was always very skinny. In my 20s I was like 90lbs and people always made fun of me for being skinny. My self esteem was very low. I was not happy with myself. One day I was sitting down waiting for the bus when I saw a girl walk by me. She was fit, her physique was amazing. She seemed so confident. As she was walking I told myself that I want to look like her. Next day I went to the gym and got the membership.

I was in my late 20s when I decided to start working out and make a change for myself. This was back in 2004, I joined and hired a trainer. It definitely was not easy in the beginning to be consistent with training and nutrition but it took me about 1 year and then I started enjoying the gym and get my nutrition on point. I was very happy with results and since then I started working out.

I only started competing in 2018, I decided to take this to a new level to push my limits. I placed 2nd in CPA Regional show for masters and 5th in open. I competed in nationals in 2019 but did not place. Now my goal is to build more muscle mass and step on stage on 2022 and hopefully win my pro card.

This journey has been amazing and I have so much confidence. I'll continue to work hard till I achieve my dream!"

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