Hoboken, NJ

During college I gained 35lbs from eating unhealthy foods and binge drinking. As soon as I graduated, I decided to put myself first. The first two years after college I did CrossFit and then I decided I wanted to be a competitive bodybuilder! Haven't looked back ever since!

The things you learn about yourself in prep is truly something amazing things I could never learn about myself or limits in the real world. It challenges you day after day how bad you want it. The thing about bodybuilding it’s always just about you vs you. Showing up every year bringing an even better package than you did previously. Are there days when I am unmotivated and don’t want to eat on plan of course! I’m human but I know I want my goals even more so I show up day after day!

The thing about fitness is that it’s never ending it’s always something you will have to work on. It’s also about being proud of how far you have come so often we forgot where we started and get upset about not seeing day to day changes. We must remind ourselves who we have become along the way and how much we have achieved!

Fitness is not just to be comfortable in your skin but to make life long habits that change who you are. Start today! Leave your old self behind and see all the amazing things you can accomplish if you put your mind to it! It’s a beautiful journey!