Atlanta, GA

I started weight training in 2015 after having to have knee surgery. Prior to that I was running 3-5 miles a day just to lose weight. Once I started weight lifting, Initially had no intention On competing. I ended up moving to be closer to a job and joined a new gym. The owner approached me and asked if I had ever considered competing. I explained that I had no desire to compete- then, I ended up doing some research and decided to give it a shot.

I competed in bikini division for one show in 2016. The feedback was my legs were too muscular. At that point, I have the competing bug and knew I was hooked. I took 2 years off to grow and competed in figure in 2018, winning the Orlando Europa. Feedback from the show was to continue to grow my Upper body. I took Another two years off- competed in 2020 in both figure and woman’s physique. I received 3rd place in Figure and won the overall in WPD. Feedback again was to improve my V taper. I took two more years off. I had only intended on competing in WPD in 2022 but decided to jump in the figure as well at the last minute. I ended up winning the overall In both divisions .

It was finally time to step on the national stage- North Americans, where I won my pro card in figure and 4th in WPD! My next goal is to compete in the pro in 2024. Also in 2022 I started taking Krav Maga, A form of Israel jujitsu, and received my orange belt while prepping for my show. In my time away from the stage over the next years I hope to further my KM training and advance belts.