Pike Road, AL

I first started my committed fitness journey about five years ago, after having my second daughter. For me this was a journey of growth. I started out weighting about 96lb and struggling to keep weight on. I implemented proper nutrition and consistent weight lifting, and have since amassed to 124lb. I was loving the changes to my body, both physically and mentally. For the first time my small ectomorph body was gaining muscle and true size. I no longer felt dependent on my husband to do everything for me. I felt strong, I felt more independent, and I felt like I was setting such an amazing example for my little girls.

My family and I then got in a terrible car accident on the highway, partially rolling under a semi-truck. This left me with multiple brain bleeds and I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. I didn’t remember my family, my life, anything, and they didn’t know if I would ever recover. I spent almost a month in the hospital in a neurological rehab center. One day things clicked in my brain and I started to remember my life again. It took me a bit to fully recovery and get back to my workout grind, but I kept pushing and didn’t give up. I went on to get my personal training certification, start my own personal training business, and am absolutely loving life. Being a personal trainer has given me the opportunity to share my passion and hopefully inspire those I work with to change their lives, as fitness has changed mine!