Vienna, VA

I feel fortunate and am thankful for a body that moves, that can change and that allows me to experience this wonderful life. A forever athlete, (in my mind), but with no "purpose". Finally, at 48, inspired by my younger sister I hired a coach to guide me to my best self. I trusted my body to lift more, fed it better than ever and at 50 did my first bikini bodybuilding show after almost 2 years of prep, continued venue cancellations, (thanks global virus). Prioritizing my health has allowed me to give more to others, be present and continue to take on new challenges.

Now enrolled in NASM, managing nutrition and meal prep, I am focused on listening to others that have goals. My goal is to help them achieve them...First race, First pull up, Marathon, Losing body fat. I love being present, seeing discipline at work that motivates me to keep going. Today, I am a better wife, mother, partner, co worker and friend. Thank you body for not giving up on me when I didn't always treat you right. Thank you body for continuing to amaze me and challenge me.

Working out has purpose. The gym is my community. Consistency is my mantra. Calluses arey beauty marks. My work out clothes my uniform. Each day I can find a victory, going for. Walk when it is raining because I will feel so good. Not hitting snooze even though I am tired. Trying a new exercise because I can. I am living proof that it is never too late to get started!