Jasmine Mays 

Las Vegas, NV

"I have not always been fit, healthy, or confident. As a child, I faced some traumatic events that led to food addiction and emotional eating. The end result was childhood obesity, low self-esteem and zero self-confidence.

I avoided public speaking, I never raised my hand in class, and I refused to even look people in the eyes, because I felt that I wasn't as good as them and if they noticed me, they would know it. So my mission was to remain completely unnoticed.

At age 20, I has the pivotal moment: I was at a movie theater, wearing a huge shirt and jeans because I couldn't find clothes to fit, and as I looked around and saw other people my age smiling and laughing; happy and carefree, I BROKE.

I wept like a baby, right there in the middle of the movie theater. I wanted to be like them...I wanted to be a "normal" 21 year old girl who could go to the mall, buy clothes, feel good in their skin, and be carefree. Instead, I was miserable.

That was the day, I decided to change my life.

I made the decision to actively change my relationship with food and discovered some principles that I now share with my clients all over the world. I joined a gym, began taking group fitness classes and dropped 70 lbs. in 6 months.

Before long, I was teaching group fitness classes and began gaining confidence and a positive self-image. It was then that discovered my love for fitness; it is my passion and truly the reason I was born.

Thirteen years into my fitness journey, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, a gym owner and created a 6-week challenge program that empowers others to create the same sustainable lifestyle change I did.

My mission is to make a positive impact on everyone I meet and inspire them to reach beyond their self-imposed limitations and attain their fitness goals, no matter how big they are. Anything is possible."

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