Belfast, UK

"From the age of 16-24 I became dependent on alcohol. Around the age of 24/25 I attended three rehabs within a year. One lasted 3 months with no phones, newspapers, TVs. Visitor once a week. With my family behind me and an organisation I’ve been attending for 8 years coupled with regular attendance to the gym. At first seven days a week when I was unemployable. In that time I’m came out as gay and the support I got from friends and family was immense.

The gym has really been a great escape for me and it’s the only time I get to switch my head off. I’ve went from strength to strength and I am now a normal member of society. I’m living with my partner and running my own business.

Obsessions aren’t always a good thing, mostly a bad thing but I figured if I’m going to get obsessed with something it should be as healthy a one as possible and it was the gym for me. It’s helped me through some tough times. Smooth seas don’t make good sailors. We all have our issues. Why not try the gym, it worked for me. A healthy body is a healthy mind. I’ve never left the gym feeling worse than went in. If you’re struggling with addiction feel free to hit me up and I'll do whatever I can to help. Remember when you are going through hell don’t stop, keep going. It’s not a place you want to hang around in."

Jason's photo credit: instagram.com/martnirvinephotography

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