Roseville, CA

I embarked on my journey in the early 90s by studying to become a certified nurse's aide, driven by a deep passion for the healthcare industry. For several years, I observed adults in their 30s and 40s entering the hospital with severe injuries. This experience stirred a desire within me to make a proactive change, helping people avoid such injuries in the first place. My personal dedication to daily workouts fueled this passion, and I soon realized that I wanted to share the transformative power of exercise with everyone.

After working for several big-name health clubs, I felt limited by the services they were willing to offer. I wanted to provide more personalized and comprehensive fitness solutions. In June 2009, I decided to take a leap and create my own fitness approach, one that allowed me to cater to my clients' individual needs more effectively. This new venture enabled me to train a diverse range of clients—from young high school and college athletes focused on sports-specific training to mature individuals aiming to stay fit, age gracefully, and remain active.

Moreover, I recognized the importance of mental health and wellness in the fitness journey. My mission in the health and wellness space is to change the lives of those I serve by fostering both mental toughness and physical strength. When it comes to helping people become the best versions of themselves, I am fully committed.

In today’s world, where everything is quick and easy, achieving and maintaining fitness can be challenging. If it were easy, everyone would do it. The reality is that most people lack the dedication, determination, and discipline to stick with a fitness program long-term. This is where I step in—I pride myself on holding my clients accountable and helping them reach the goals they set for themselves.

We only have one life, and we should cherish it and live it to the fullest. Fitness is not just about physical appearance; it's about overall well-being. It's about staying focused to get fit and maintaining that focus to live a healthy, active life. Remember, the journey to fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay dedicated, stay determined, and stay disciplined. Your future self will thank you.

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