Stroudsburg, PA 

This isn't a cautionary tale; it's a battle cry!

Motherhood can be a wild ride. For me, it started with a tidal wave of emotions: loneliness, isolation, bitterness, and even despair. Panic attacks, dark thoughts, and dissociation became my companions.

The internet is full of "healers" promising quick fixes. But the truth is, healing is a personal journey. No one can fix you because you're not broken. You're powerful.

I chose me. I broke free from limiting beliefs and societal expectations. I embraced the "shadow parts" of myself, the ones I'd buried. I learned to love them all. This wasn't just self-love; it was setting healthy boundaries and building a strong foundation.

In essence, I chose life. My ancestral life is connected to my roots.

It all started in 2019 with a simple question from my therapist: "Have you tried meditating?" I scoffed, afraid of my potential. But that's the beauty of self-discovery. You reclaim your power. You shed what no longer serves you and step into your sovereignty.

Your body is your sacred land. It's been colonized by external forces, but it's time to take it back. Reclaim your mind, body, heart, and soul.

Ready to break free and love your body? Here's what happened to me:

Self-Acceptance Fueled My Transformation: Once I embraced self-love, I started reclaiming my physical health. Fun (not force!) became the key to healthier eating and exercise.

Balance for Me: I discovered a balanced life meant enjoying every aspect, so I explored activities that sparked joy. This curiosity built the foundation for a life I love.

Ripple Effect of Wellness: Choosing to live authentically and taking care of myself has benefited not just me but my children and future generations.

I learned we are not alone. Join our community! Look out for our upcoming online series, "Reclaiming the Womb: Healing Trauma." This isn't just about surviving postpartum. It's about thriving. It's about becoming the strongest, most empowered version of yourself.

Let's do this together.

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