Long Island, NY

It's been an incredible seven-year fitness journey for me, one that began with a decision to prioritize my well-being after giving birth to an 11-pound bundle of joy. Motherhood, undoubtedly one of life's greatest gifts, brought with it some unexpected challenges, and the toll on my body was evident—I found myself at 170lbs after welcoming my son into the world.

In the midst of raising a child, it's all too easy for moms to forget about their own needs. Society often suggests that once you've given birth, your time for self-care is over, and many women buy into that narrative. I, however, refused to accept that my journey was complete, and I'm here to tell you, you shouldn't either.

Embarking on a fitness routine, I shed 35lbs, but the goal wasn't just weight loss; it was about reclaiming the essence of who I was before motherhood. Recognizing the undeniable connection between working out and proper nutrition, I delved into the world of balanced eating. While I achieved my high school weight, I still yearned to surpass that and redefine my physique.

Enter heavy lifting—an unexpected but transformative chapter in my fitness story. Contrary to the misconception that weightlifting makes women look "manly," it sculpted a version of me that radiates wealth, strength, and beauty.

Inspired by my personal journey, I took a bold step to overhaul my career and become a personal trainer. My mission: to inspire and guide others in discovering their best selves, to embrace their bodies, and to lead happy, healthy lives.

Becoming a personal trainer has broadened my perspective on wellness; it's not merely about fitness but an entire lifestyle. I've come to understand that the most crucial muscle isn't the biceps or abs—it's the heart. Believing in oneself, trusting the process, and evolving into the best version of you—these are the principles I live by, and I'm here to help you do the same. After all, the journey to wellness is a holistic experience, and I'm excited to be your guide on this transformative path.

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