Fate, TX

At my absolutely unhealthiest point in my life, pre-diabetic, high blood pressure and over 200 Ibs, and about to turn 50, I decided that I had to make a change. My journey started back in late 2021 and really ramped up by the beginning of 2022 and I’m never looking back.

I have now competed in two NPC competitions this year and destined to get my Pro Card in 2023. My husband and I are tackling this challenge together. Through all the prep and workouts we encourage each other and are excited at each milestone achieved. Myself at 50 and Sean at 55, all things are possible if you make goals and stick with it until they become reality. We have an awesome gym family that is always there to support and have made some very positive valuable friendships along the way. I want to take this new found way of life as far as it will take me.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t!!! Just remember if you have the mindset of SEE IT, BELIEVE IT, BE IT!!!! You can do anything, just put the effort into it and it will reward you with such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that can’t by measured. Make realistic goals and achieve them and make consistent progress with new goals and the improvement you begin to see will motivate you even more.

I absolutely love the bodybuilding community and want to be involved in as many aspects of the sport as possible. I learn new skills and techniques every day and try to apply them not only in training but daily life.