Perth, Australia

I started working out 3 years ago, but I only took it serious for the last year. It affects my life in all aspects, strong body = strong mind. I feel like I can take on the world and have become so confident in my own abilities from the effects training has on my mental, I feel as if my mind is bulletproof and my body is starting to match. My aspirations with fitness is to build up enough of a following so that I can reach out and help others throughout there fitness journey. Before training, I was really insecure, and I believe that correlated in all aspects of my being. I was 21 years old, 6”2 weighing just below 60 kilograms, I had sadly fell down the wrong path, using drugs, OD’d twice.. just in general a very sheltered, non confident, shy, weak minded individual. After the 2nd time I OD’d.. I looked in the mirror and decided to make a promise to myself that I would be proud of the boy I seen in the mirror, so I started training at home to build up the foundations of self & also because I wasn’t confident enough to step in the gym, so day in/ day out I grafted, hard. Slowly but surely, brick by brick I started becoming the man I had envisioned myself to be. Tapped into my potential and started to fall in love with the process, 2 years later I have built a body and mentality I am more then proud of, a long way I have come & an even longer journey ahead.. I am more then ready for it, let’s gooooo