Jon Wise

Columbia, TN

Fitness literally saved my life. I know how crazy and cliche that sounds but its true. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and literally all I cared about was getting high or drunk and when my next fix would come. I was working a dead end job with no ambition or drive for anything better.

At some point a couple of buddies were always on me about getting in the gym with them and I refused and refused but they never let up. I eventually agreed and went to the gym a few times but didn't really buy into it. Nobody knew but I was dieing inside. I hated who I was and where my life was going. I missed a lot of my children's lives because of the addiction. I decided that I was going to lose some weight and I started running literally 3 to 4 miles every single day. I lost 72 pounds in four months but before you praise me for this just know that I did it completely wrong and unhealthy. I was starving my self and running off anything else in me and I looked sickly.

I started lifting weights at home with whatever I had or could buy at the time. I eventually joined a gym (the gym I'm still at after 12 years 😊) and started lifting weights and talking to trainers that would offer help and not want to be paid (dead end job) and took whatever I could get out of them and really built my self back up.

After around 8 or 9 years of working out I wasn't seeing the progress that I wanted to see and was rally down and stopped working out except just maybe once or twice a week I gained a bunch of weight back and just didn't know what to do. This went on for maybe 2 years and I decided once again to really give it everything I had to give and I got back in the gym and got back to training hard and was doing really good again.

Last year in November I passed out and possibly had a seizure and wrecked the work vehicle. No one was hurt bad but it scared me to death. After that I decided I was going to make this passion I have for fitness and bodybuilding a real part of my life and I got my personal training certification and decided to do my first ever bodybuilding show. I look great I feel great and I am sup happy and proud of the man I am today.

No matter whats going on in your life right now if its not what you want it to be you CAN change it. Maybe its not fitness maybe its something else for you but maybe just maybe its exactly what you've been missing and what your looking for. Never quit. Never give up. You are stronger then you could ever imagine. You just have to believe in yourself and something greater then you as well. Life is short why not be the best person you can be while your here. Live strong. Love life. Do your best. Everything else will fall in place.

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