San Diego, CA

My journey began in high school, where I found solace and strength in the gym. As the youngest member of my grade and the new kid to every team, I felt like an outsider. However, the gym became a sanctuary where I not only built physical strength but also formed unexpected connections with peers who, once bullies, became mentors and friends.

The transformation was profound. From a tall, skinny kid, I evolved into a state tournament swimmer, team captain, and even landed some modeling gigs. The gym not only reshaped my physique but also redefined my confidence and social standing.

Carrying this newfound confidence into college, I prioritized fitness as a way to build relationships, both in and out of sports. A pivotal moment came when my fraternity President introduced me to a comprehensive workout routine focused on aesthetic beauty and strength. This marked the beginning of a lifelong friendship with my gym partner, pushing each other through the challenges and celebrating milestones like hitting a 300 lbs bench.

As I entered young adulthood, my dedication to fitness became a cornerstone of my character, influencing my work ethic and determination in the professional arena. However, the demands of a hectic work life took a toll on my physical well-being. Three years of proving myself in business led to a wasted physique, prompting a decision to regain what I had lost.

In 2019, I relocated to San Diego, a fitness-centric city, and joined a gym just before the pandemic hit. Forced to adapt, I turned to local fitness influencers for at-home workouts. When gyms reopened, I secured a spot at an outdoor gym and used the time at home to recalibrate my nutrition. From 2020 to 2023, I transformed my body through consistency, positive reinforcement, and self-grace.

My fitness journey not only led to physical gains but opened doors to a life I never imagined. Traveling the world, collaborating with major brands, and finding love with my soon-to-be fiancé—every aspect of my life is anchored by our shared commitment to fitness.

Embracing new elements like temperature contrast therapy, incorporating cryotherapy and saunas, we continue to explore ways to enhance our healthy lifestyle. While I may not be drawn to posing competitions, my success is measured in business achievements, overall health, and the positive feedback from brands and peers. Most importantly, I cherish the satisfaction of living a fitness-based lifestyle—a journey that has become critical to my mental well-being. Here's to a life anchored in strength, resilience, and the pursuit of the best version of myself.

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