Los Angeles, CA

In the midst of adversity, I discovered the transformative power of fitness—a revelation that became the cornerstone of my life over a decade ago when I was diagnosed with celiac and Lyme disease. This pivotal moment marked the genesis of a health and fitness journey that not only rescued me but also propelled me toward achieving my best self.

The journey began with a desire to feel and look my best, prompting me to delve into the intricacies of health and fitness. Lifting weights and adopting a wholesome diet became my sanctuary, a space where I fell in love with the empowering process of self-improvement.

Embarking on this newfound passion, I initially navigated the intimidating atmosphere of the gym. As I gained confidence through consistent effort, I incorporated outdoor walks into my routine, especially during challenging Lyme flare-ups. Movement, particularly under the warmth of the sun, emerged as a key ally in overcoming these hurdles.

The discovery of CrossFit added a dynamic layer to my fitness routine, which I embraced for several years. However, it was Olympic lifting that stole my heart, prompting me to transition from CrossFit to the competitive realm of lifting. Frustration with stagnant progress led me to a fortuitous encounter—working as Mackenzie Davis's transformation trainer on the set of the Terminator movie, Dark Fate. Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, I ventured into the world of bodybuilding.

My debut in June 2019 marked a triumph, securing 1st place in all the classes I entered in Bikini Fitness. This success fueled my passion, propelling me to the North American Championships, where I proudly placed 9th out of 33 talented competitors in my first year of competing.

Taking a brief hiatus, I returned to the stage in 2021 with an impressive streak—2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, and 2nd in various competitions throughout June, July, August, September, and November. The pinnacle of this season set the stage for my upcoming appearance on October 7th, 2023, in Reno, Nevada, with aspirations to qualify for the Amateur Olympia.

Health and fitness are non-negotiable aspects of my life. Prioritizing movement, weightlifting, healthy nutrition, sufficient sleep, hydration, and stress management, I strive to live my best life for as long as possible. One of my endeavors, the ONE YOU online fitness coaching platform, embodies the belief that there is only one YOU in this world, emphasizing the paramount importance of self-care and embracing one's unique journey.

My mantra echoes a call to love oneself, relish the process, and ardently pursue one's goals. With unwavering determination, remember: You got this!

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