Big Lake, MN

I was 15 years old and I wasn’t good at any sports, I struggled in school, and I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I would try to escape my reality by playing games and immersing myself into a world where I was important and good at something.

One day I woke up and said enough was enough. I was done escaping my reality it was time to confront it. I was inspired by Zyzz and Chestbrah to start my fitness journey. After watching some motivational videos I knew what I had to do. I got a membership at a local gym and started training hard.

It didn’t just change my body but also my mind. I started to think more positively and be more confident in myself. I finally felt like I was doing something with my life I wasn’t a spectator anymore I was the player. It completely changed my life and personality.

It gave me the discipline I needed to push forward when times got hard. I was so proud of myself and the results got addicting. People around started to respect me more because I respected myself. I then helped others on their journey and now I continue to make inspirational content. I make motivational music on a consistent basis. My rap name is J Free.

Without lifting I never would have been confident enough to pursue my passions. But now I feel like I can take on the whole world and nothing will stop me.