Fayetteville, NC

I have always been active, but in high school and college I was the runner - that was always running. I ran countless miles every week and ate anything I wanted because I knew I would just burn through the calories. I thought I was “in shape” and maybe, by running standards, I was. But I didn’t like the way I looked and couldn’t perform athletically across sports other than cardio intense activities. I knew I needed to make a change to the way I was training my body and steer away from endlessly running miles or biking.

I started my weightlifting journey in 2010 and wasn’t very committed. I would go to the gym when I felt like it and saw little results from the sporadic work. I would get into it for a month or so and then it would phase out. I didn’t get results because I wasn’t motivated to be consistent. And I wasn’t motivated to be consistent because I didn’t see results. It was a perpetual cycle of failure.

I have been extremely dedicated to my workout regimen now for about 4 years and have learned a whole new discipline for diet, exercise and rest through being an active duty US Army soldier. I also gave up eating meat a little over three years ago and have loved the way my body has responded.

My goals are to continue training and move into competing in bodybuilding competitions under the Men’s Physique class. Aside from that I want to continue living a holistically healthy lifestyle to model what fitness and health mean to my kids and those around me. I want to continue serving my country honorably and to the best of my physical capabilities.