Joshua Taylor

Amarillo, TX

I was an ex college athlete who fell fast into alcoholism for decades. It took many years from me that I can’t get back. I sobered up in February of 2018 after I almost died.

After that point I vowed to myself to improve myself in some way everyday. One of those aspect was taking care of myself physically. I started working out seriously again for the first time in decades. The progress was slow at first but I enjoyed the grind. The work and effort put In daily for a long term, ever evolving goal stoked my competitive fire again.

I was and always have been a very self contained person. This has translated into my goals for myself. I answer to me and myself alone. I compete against me and myself alone. I always want to defeat the person I was yesterday. Not metaphorically but actually. I want that person to fear me, what I’ve become and where I’m going. I need that person from yesterday to know 100% that he will lose to myself today in every way.

Something has stuck with me since young adulthood. The phrase “Fear not the fire within”. I stand by these five words everyday. I do not fear my passion, my drive today. I especially do not fear my past. There is something in all of us that make us unique. That is your “fire”. Do not run from it, or try to extinguish it. Let it warm you. Embrace and fuel it. Let your fire lose on the world.

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