Alexandria, VA

Ever since I was young I've always been inspired by athletes, especially bodybuilders. I was always the smallest kid playing sports, but never let that stop me even from a young age. In the fifth grade, I began having health issues, and found out that I had type one diabetes. It was truly heartbreaking especially at that age because while all the other kids could basically eat what they wanted, I had to limit what I ate. I was also told that physically some things could be harder for me because of my condition. This is one of the early events in my life that sparked my love of fitness. I’ve never been one to be told that I can’t do what the next person can do. When I got into middle school, I joined the football, basketball, and track teams. I was still the shortest, and also had to make sure my blood sugar was normal levels during activity or I could have help complications. This is what steered me to my love of bodybuilding.

I continued to play sports through high school. In college I continued weight training and playing sports on an intramural level. As I began to grow older, and life started happening… I started limiting myself… I was telling myself that my days of training were behind me… that training couldn’t be apart of my life anymore. I began to get out of shape and gain weight. After some life changing problems presented themselves to me, I began looking at life from a different perspective. I always wanted to be a bodybuilder, and at 35 I was done making excuses. I began training, and eating right, while also improving my blood sugar numbers. I then told myself, as much as I love training and bodybuilding, why not compete? Two years later I entered my first bodybuilding competition where I placed third in my weight class. In 3 weeks I will be competing professionally for a chance to turn pro! And I am still proud to say I am a type one diabetic!