Atlanta, GA

In 2008, I found myself at a crossroads, grappling with the physical and emotional toll of an unhealthy lifestyle. At 42 years old, standing at 5'5" and weighing 196lbs, the pain was all-encompassing. It stemmed from carrying excess weight, battling an uncontrolled food addiction, and navigating emotional distress that left me feeling lost and desperate.

This pivotal moment became the driving force behind my decision to make a significant change. Committed to transforming my life, I adopted a three-pronged approach.

Firstly, I meticulously detailed my aspirations in a journal, creating a roadmap for my journey. To reinforce these goals, I crafted a vision board, a visual reminder that I revisited daily, sometimes hourly, to maintain unwavering focus.

Recognizing that I couldn't navigate this transformation alone, I enlisted the help of seasoned professionals. I hired a nutritionist and, a few months later, a trainer to guide me toward my objectives. The accountability they provided, along with daily check-ins, proved instrumental in keeping me on track.

Undeterred by challenges, I made a steadfast commitment to persevere, regardless of the obstacles. Even if I slipped up for one meal, I resolved that the next would be a step towards health. This unwavering determination fueled my progress, and after a year of hard work, I achieved my goals.

Emboldened by this success, I ventured into the world of competitive figure competitions. The thrill of the experience hooked me, transforming training into a passion. Since then, I've graced the NPC stage five more times, clinching an overall win in Women's Physique and securing numerous first-place trophies in my class and age categories.

What began as an unimaginable dream in 2008 has blossomed into a reality that reaffirms the adage: anything is possible with commitment and the right support. I am adamant about never returning to the painful chapter of my past. Bodybuilding has not only sculpted my physique but has also instilled in me the knowledge and discipline to maintain a healthy life. For this transformative journey, I am profoundly grateful.

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