London, UK

"When I was at high school I used too run cross country and play netball also for my school . Being quite sporty from a very young age came very natural too me . I also found it helped me deal with many things that I was exposed too has a child .. Unfortunately I did not have the greatest start and found myself homeless at the age off 16yrs with no family and on the streets which lasted a couple off years .Has I grew into my early twenties I went down many paths and those were not always by choice. I met many people along the way that did not always have my best interests at heart . I did managed too escape from those types and In my mid / late twenties I went back into fitness and qualified has a instructor and worked in a couple off gyms at that time .. That is when I started too learn about weight training and the other aspects off the gym too . A few years later my circumstances changed again and I became very depressed and I would say those next few years that followed is probably the only time in my life where I did not exercise .. In 2008 I came back too London and again my circumstances pushed me there . I was determined thou too not let what had happened ruin me and despite all that I had been through . I have and still do always try too maintain a positive mindset and have always tried too look on the bright side no matter what . Never did I lose hope or faith in myself and I always knew one day things would get better and surprise surprise . In that year off 2008 / 2009 I completely changed my life around and started too channel my fitness again . I qualified has a instructor/ personal trainer and built a Successful Buisness too date and Thats when I really started too evolve and learn about bodybuilding weight training . It has taken many years too develop my body to date and with that has come many sacrifices for sure and a few injuries along the way but always learning from it and making sure it does not happen again . Weight training for me keeps me focused and is more than just building muscles . It aids with my strength inside and it really stimulates my mind body and soul . It has definitely healed me in many ways and I am totally in love with it . A few years ago I decided too compete in a bodybuilding competition and My years off hard work paid off has I came away with trophies and my first pro card too . Since then I have done a few more and won many more trophies and medals . I am planning too compete again later this year and want too become a IFBB Pro. It’s the only way too Olympia ! . For me you only get out what you put in and one should never give up chasing that dream no matter what life throws at ya . I am living proof and there’s nothing special about me ..Only that I decided not too let what happen too me ruin me and I carried on looking ahead