Charlotte, VT

At the age of 28 I suffered the most devastating loss of my life. I miscarried my twin babies and 8 weeks later lost my husband to a massive heart attack- he was 29. I had a 2 year old son to take care of and did all I could not to collapse into the depths of depression. 18 months later I would contract a life threatening illness that took me away from my son for 7 months and resulted in the loss of my right lung.

I am blessed with an amazing family that helped to support and surround me with love during these dark periods! I thought I had healed but instead I lived the next 20+ years in survival mode not fully appreciating the negative impact this was having on my health. In early 2020, a visit to my doctor confirmed that I was very overweight, pre-diabetic and had very high cholesterol. I was offered some medication to help me get these markers under control. I knew I needed to find a different way. I have an amazing bonus daughter who is a fitness coach and truly such an inspiration to me.

Enter Claire! She helped to get me started with lifting weights and tracking my food- though I was resistant! I started to experience some success…slowly. In late 2021, I started working with The Wonder Women online transformation program under my Coach, Caroline Drury. Everything changed! I dove in head first with everything I had to learn, study, try, fail, and try again! I put my trust in my coach and this process and created new habits, routines and a process that would help me succeed. This was about so much more than just my body! I found a community to immerse myself in. We shared stories, cried, laughed and developed a true sisterhood. I really began to heal! I used to hate my body!

But when I unravel what that statement means, it has far less to do with hating how I looked and everything to do with my negative mindset. As I worked on this over the course of 18 months, and still do, I realize that I needed to let go of all the old stories, barriers, lies and excuses that we’re holding me back.

Over the past 18 months, I have lost 47 lbs. I have learned to lift heavy weights. I have learned about macro nutrition and most importantly, I have learned to love myself! I have reframed my stories of trauma and sadness to highlight what they have taught me- resilience, strength, courage, and love. Through lifting heavy metal, I have learned so much about my own METTLE. For the first time in my life, I see my strength and my light. I’m no longer hiding from it! Kiki The Lykke (happy) Viking

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