Kyle Higgins 

Denver, CO

"My fitness journey began in high school. I was a 4 sport athlete in high school. I was recognized by staff and students for not only being a team captain, but a strong and sober influence outside of school. After high school I attended the university of Wyoming. As a bull rider, the university of Wyoming seemed like a good fit. During my time at UW I was injured at a rodeo. My pain was significant so I was referred to a pain specialist. That pain specialist prescribed me 300 30 mg oxycontin and 100 10 mg valume a month. I took my medication as prescribed and went about my days.

In 2011 I was asked to be a contestant on ABC's reality TV show the Bachelorette. Before my final interview in LA I told the pain specialist I no longer needed my prescription. During my interview I began going through terrible withdrawal. I was unaware that physical withdrawal was the cause of my symptoms. I got back to Denver a few days later and told an employee of mine that I got extremely sick at the interview. He explained to me that it was because I quit taking my medication. I was unaware that he was a heroin dealer. I tried heroin for the first time and I immediately was back to normal and able to function. From there my habit snowballed.

After 5 years I was addicted to heroin, meth, cocaine and benzos. I decided to enter a recovery program that was a working farm. There was a gym on site so I immediately started to lift again. I made it a goal to step on a bodybuilding stage. I entered the program January 5, 2016 and graduated February 17, 2017. During my 13 month and 2 week stay I gained 35 pounds. Also in June 2017 I was blessed with my daughter Aubrey whom I have full time. I remained in the gym, determined to step on stage.

The gym became my therapy, my meditation and outlet. The gym kept me sober and helped me heal in mind body and soul. In 2018 I stepped on stage. My first show I received a 1st, 2nd and 4th place trophy. I now use my darker days to help others. I try to make individuals realize their full potential. I should not be here.

I overdosed several times, not to mention the violence that is involved in the drug world. I'm now 5 plus years sober. I've had my daughter for 2 years plus full time. I've competed in 3 bodybuilding shows and I have qualified for nationals twice. I'm so grateful for physical fitness and dieting.

The gym honestly saved my life. I have another show coming up in June that I'm in prep for. I continue to help those struggling. I'm in the process of getting my life/sober coach certification so I can make a career of it."

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