Las Vegas, NV

I started weightlifting my junior year of high school in 2008. At first I did it because I wanted to play for the football team the following year, which didn’t end up happening because I found myself liking only the weightlifting part and not the sport itself.

Fast forward to my 2011-2012 US Army deployment to Afghanistan, the gym was the only thing I looked forward to at the end of the daily military grind. From 2012-2016 I got educated on Human Biology thru medical schooling & Biomechanics thru Radiology, although I didn’t get any achievement of significance because for whatever reason I couldn’t see neither thru (I blame boredom😭).

From 2017 to early November of 2022 online gaming took over my life, MMO’s in particular. I stopped fitness altogether & lived a strictly sedentary lifestyle because of the grinding it required to stay relevant. I inevitably started having pains from sitting on the computer chair all day & in late November of 2022 I decided enough was enough.

I started using the mobility knowledge I gained from Instagram during my gaming days to get my body moving relatively smoothly again. In the 3 months that I’ve been active in fitness again, I’ve been using the principles of Mobility and Yoga to do what my body fell in love with initially, which is Bodybuilding😍 (atm I identify as as Unconventional because I throw in corrective exercises too).

I share this story in hopes of inspiring as many people as possible just to get moving, & if I can get ONE person to just that then I’ve done my job🫶