Iowa Park, TX

I started my journey in 2020 after having my third son. I wanted to be the best version of myself for my children. I want to be a good example and role model for them. It was tough with COVID-19 hitting and everything shutting down. I had to make a choice to either let the world consume me. Or to get out there and crush my goals. So as a family we walked, we road bikes, we hiked, we just stay active together.

Once the world started opening back up I found my true passion in fitness and lifting. I hired a coach and I got serious and I started see serious results. I lost inches off of my body but gain so much confidence at the same time.

Fitness has change my life in so many ways. I have energy to keep up with my children. I have more confidence in myself then I’ve had in my whole life. My mental health is better then it has ever been. Fitness did so much for me and I want to share that with as many people as I can. So I took a leap and started studying to become a trainer.

April of 2022 I passed my exam and become a NASM Certified Person Trainer. In May of 2022 I got my first personal training job. I feel like I have found my true calling in helping others make the choice to live a healthier lifestyle.

I want to share with others that fitness is for everyone.