Lisette Morales

Whittier, CA

"I was always a big girl. Since I was a little kid. I never worked out,, dreaded running the mile in middle school.. When I turned 18 I got a gym membership and a personal trainer and I saw what working out could do for me. I liked the feeling after a workout and the outcomes of pushing myself. I did yoyo for the next 10 years, but I always kept working out.

I always struggled with the diet part. With the binge eating, picking at food, stress eating. But now that im older and am working on myself I am trying and working on coping in different ways with my stress. I enjoy fitness, I enjoy weightlifting. I like being active and seeing my muscles grow and get more defined.

Now I am working on bodybuilding or bikini competition, just for the extra push. Not necessarily to compete just to push myself to new limits.

The way fitness and working out has affected me in a positive way is, it has given me more confidence in myself. It has made me be more outgoing and outspoken and be more free to express myself. It has made me want to help those around me with their fitness.

I love it when I inspire others, or when others ask me questions and I can help them just a little with their journey. I know how hard it is to be in a shell, I want to inspire others to feel better about themselves and push themselves to new limits."

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